Private Label Wine
We partner with retailers to identify Private Label Wine opportunities in the wine sector. We work with our clients to co-create products that best complement their unique customer base and business environment.

Why Private Label Wine?
Our focus on Private label Wine is unique in the wine industry. These Private Label Wines yield a higher margin and lower direct and indirect costs to both the retailer and the consumer. We are here to help you capitalize on the global trend towards Private Label Wine in the retail sector.

On your behalf Independent Brands will carefully select from a network of wineries covering all the main wine growing regions of New Zealand, a wine from a core range of entry level to super premium wines to deliver a custom wine and your new Private Label Wine brand.

In today's ever increasing competitive retail environment, Liquor outlets are constantly facing challenges from other retailers, grocery chains, and direct-to-consumer deliveries from internet/wineries, all impacting on your margins.

Create a point of difference from the competition. Let independent brands help you create your own Private label Wine, providing high quality, affordable wines that are of consistently great quality vintage after vintage

Independent brands works in partnership with retailers to develop and implement exclusive Private Label Wine brands. Gain the benefits that global liquor retailers have been enjoying in recent years, benefits include:-

Unparalleled opportunities to:

  • Earn higher margins than comparable national brands
  • Differentiate the store from the competition
  • Sell a product that no other store carries
  • Take control of your own destiny and margins
  • Build customer loyalty/convert new customers

A great deal of time, consideration and finances have been invested in building your Hotel or Resorts branding. Private Label Wine can help you increase margins and wine sales, whilst supporting your property's branding. This program will

  • Increase brand recognition and support property branding
  • Increase your margins for Food & Beverage
  • Restaurant and room service bottle sales
  • Wine-by-the-glass
  • Provide you a unique selection of quality wines that are incomparable to any other brands
  • Unique branded wines means these are exclusive to you, others are unable to make cost comparisons on your product


Known wine brands that appear in retail outlets are priced significantly cheaper than the listed priced advertised by some Restaurants/Cafes/Bars/Clubs and Caterers.

Customers are often hesitant to buy wine by the bottle and glass when dinning out as the shock of the asking price often loses opportunities because of the customer's reaction to the brand that they are using.

Though when an establishment serves its own Private Label Wine, that wine is only available at their establishment, thus the price and Private Label, cannot be compared to the price at a competitor, with your own unique wine label, be proud to offer and serve your house wine by the bottle or glass to your customers, therefore increasing your bottle sales. Everyone is Happy.

Gain the benefits of:
  • Increasing your bottle and wine-by-the-glass margins
  • Increase your company branding
  • Encourage repeat business through customer loyalty
  • Offer a selection of premium quality private label wines to complement your style of cuisine and your target customer
  • Create your own brand of wine using your logo or a local landmark, for a truly exquisite exclusive product

Corporate Organisation and Special Events
Reflect your individual "look and feel" with your uniquely created Private label wine Customised Private Label Wine for corporate or groups is a unique way to gain exposure for your business while helping to leave a lasting impression for your attendees, employers, customers, and/or agents.

Unique ideas for:-
  • Corporate gifts (Christmas, Thank you)
  • Product Launch
  • Sales/Referral Incentives
  • Consumer Giveaways/Sales Rewards
  • Milestone Celebrations
  • Dinners and seminars
  • Celebrations and events

This is an exciting way to set your self apart from the competition. As a promotional tool, wine can represent or reflect your company/brand in a number of ways - anything from sophistication to fun, and everything in between. Adding you're uniquely Private Label Wine designed and an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and your competition

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