Private Wine Labels

Private Label portfolio brands provide clients with a significant competitive advantage and offer greater margins.

Independent Brands Limited helps you capitalise on universal trends towards desirable Private Label wines. With your own private labels, access to a global market becomes yours.


Private Label Wine has advantages in the wine market

Our brands portfolio provides our clients with a significant competitive advantage.

More, and Better, Business with Private Label Wines

  • Earn higher margins than comparable national brands
  • Offer unique products unavailable elsewhere
  • Circumvent cost comparisons by offering only a private label brand
  • Develop new loyal customer bases
  • Create a brand identity for your business
  • Support greater brand identification
  • Increase bottle sales in restaurants and room-service facilities
  • Improve by-the-glass wine sales
  • Access exclusive high calibre wine selections


With an extensive portfolio of brand-managed and privately-owned varietals, our catalogue provides depth and coverage that complements any On-Premise venue.

Benefits to you:

  • Greater margins on wine-by-the-glass, and on bottles
  • Expand your company brand
  • Attract consistent return business from loyal customers
  • Present premium wines with your Private Labels for specific customers and cuisine styles
  • Develop your own unique wine brand picturing a local monument or your logo, for a memorable stand-alone product
  • Emphasise Corporate Organisations and Special Events
  • Secure excellent exposure for your company with Customised and Personalised Private Label Wines at Corporate and other events, and at the same time create a memorable experience for your clients, agents and attendees.