About Us

Our Philosophy

Independent Brands Limited works with dedicated resources and our skillful team to generate hand-crafted brands with relevant design, messaging, and verve that satisfies consumer needs across a variety of market segments while reflecting the growing-districts and unique styles of various wines. Our reputation for quality wines is built on this maxim.


We bottle for diverse clientele all over the world, with a special focus in China and Asia Pacific. We are New Zealand’s premier wine services deliverer.

We supply:

  • Wine-maker professionally selected wines
  • Wine bottling
  • Private Labelling
  • Smart, innovative label design
  • Wine warehousing
  • Wine bulk storage
  • Export services

At the Start

Frank Nola, Independent Brands Limited‘s original wine producer, settled in Dargaville, Northern New Zealand in 1898. He came from the Dalmatian village of Podgora in Croatia. Gaining citizenship in 1907, he went on to plant a vineyard in 1911, and in 1914, he harvested his first crop of very fine grapes.

Wine as a Dalmatian Tradition

Wine was an essential element of Croatian family meals and Frank was soon producing wonderful table wines. Over the years Frank’s son took over the vineyards, and today, Frank’s grandson (also Frank) runs the family business which has grown into a successful wine-export company. The family business still relies on traditional wine-making skills passed through to each generation which informs their wine selections, and provides them with the sound wine networks and vineyard partners they have built throughout the country.

Market-leading Product Range

Independent Brands aims to expand the experience of selected high quality vintages to a global clientele who appreciate excellent wines. That’s why they source only the best available. Their wine-making knowledge enables them to provide skilled advice for clients awash in a sea of labels.

Very few of New Zealand’s original wine companies are still in the hands of the families who started them, but Independent Brands is now moving towards its fourth generation. We grew out of the original vineyards first established in Dargaville in 1911, and take great pride today in working with historical wine partners, and in our ability to drive the appreciation of good wine into the greater world markets.

From Then to Now

  • 1898
    Frank Nola, Independent Brands Ltd‘s original wine producer, settled in Dargaville, in Northern New Zealand. He came from the Dalmatian village of Podgora in Croatia, and gained New Zealand citizenship in 1907.
  • 1911
    Frank Nola planted his first vineyard.
  • 1914
    Frank harvested his first crop of fine grapes and founded Nola’s on humble beginnings
  • 1952
    Frank Nola’s son, Frank Ivan Nola took over the family business and Nola’s became general liquor distributors, today the oldest independent Liquor Distributor, Importer, Duty-Free Retailer and Wine-maker in New Zealand
  • 1973
    Frank David Nola, Frank Ivan’s son, took over the business and continued to expand it.
  • 1998
    Frank David Nola extended the business into Private Label wines, creating the opportunity for wineries to trade simply and confidentially in bulk wines at industry level. Wine négociants have long been vital to European wine trading and Frank David Nola’s extensive knowledge and unique expertise has brought depth into wine consultancy and brokerage in the New Zealand wine industry.
  • 2018
    Nathan Nola, Frank David’s son, has entered the business bringing marketing and IT expertise to an increasingly digital business era. As the fourth generation Nathan has rapidly expanded the family business, giving Independent Brands a modern day feel.With his ever increasing knowledge in the industry, Nathan continues on in his fathers footsteps, leading and developing the business his great grandfather started in 1914.